All TV Eps in Chronological Order

So I spent some time (approximately 4 main range stories) and sorted out this Excel. Now I can drag my rather reluctant friend on a journey of chronological watch-through ✓


Very interesting, I may have to watch some in this order.

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Interesting. You might be interested in the aHistory book series by Lars Pearson and Lance Parkin. The current 4th Edition is a three-volume set takes everything (with the exception of most Short Stories, unlicensed “cover stories”, unmade stories, unauthorised charity anthologies and the Big Finish Sherlock Holmes audios) published through the end of 2017 and puts it in chronological order.


AHistory is already on 4e? I skimmed through the book a few years back, but it gets overwhelming so quick :smiling_face_with_tear: So I sort of decided to just start tv eps

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This is what I’ve been doing for my marathon over the last 13 years but I am doing audios and comic strips as well.

I’m just at the end of WW2 now.


This. Is. Amazing!