Adventures in the Stone Age

I have written a short guide to stories set, at least partly, in the Stone Age which is up at the main site.

It’s missing a couple of comic strips which will be added once the site includes them but in the meantime:

How many of these prehistoric stories have you experienced? Have you heard Paul McGann’s audio reading of The People’s Temple? Have you watched the Youtube video of Michelle Gomez reading Dr Twelfth? Have you marvelled at Terrance Dicks’ retcon of why the First Doctor doesn’t brain Za with a rock?

And have you been Pursued by the Trods?


McGann’s reading of The People’s Temple is excellent. They should get him to do more narrations.

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Haven’t actually listened to this one, but how about “The Boy That Time Forgot”?

McGann’s reading of The People’s Temple isn’t a Big Finish story. It’s an old BBC short trip that was originally released on the cassette “Earth and Beyond”, and then later as part of Tales from the TARDIS: Volume 2.

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That story is in another guide because it’s even further back:

And I know it doesn’t get a lot of love, but I rather liked it.

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