A whovian from The Netherlands

My name is Wim but William or Bill is also fine. I live in The Netherlands and together with my team with 37 people we create LPC - Doctor Who.

A fresh new take on the age-old tales of a Time-Lord with the feeling of both classic and modern Who, as well as the spark of something completely new. Unheard stories with new Doctors and companions backed by an original soundtrack.

LPC - Doctor Who started as an idea for an actual film fan series on YouTube which evolved to the more feasible option of a single fan film. When covid hit we decided to convert to audio’s, which turned out to be the best decision we had made over the course of the entire production.

The main goal stayed the same though. Produce a high quality fanmade Doctor Who project on the lowest budget possible.

It started as a project by whovians for whovians but grew to a more diverse team which we retroactively introduced to Doctor Who. This ended up bringing a new fresh look onto the series, reinventing characters yet keeping that nostalgic touch from the long time fans.

All in all; a passion project everyone is immensely proud of.

Our audio adventures are free to listen to on YouTube and Spotify



Feel free to drop a link to your website.

I’d be interested in having a conversation about adding fan-made stuff to the site - not sure how that would look or fit in with everything else but after I have all the official stuff I will be looking for more to add :smiling_face:

So it won’t be for a while yet - I still have loads of official stuff to add, and the people are demanding comics - but we can have a discussion about it in the meantime! Anyone feel free to reply here or I can make a separate topic.

Can you explain how your fan made audios feel to existing fans - you mention that you reinvent characters yet keep it nostalgic - can you give some examples please?

(I’ll listen to some when I get a chance, all my spare time is currently on working on the site or keeping up with the Club stories)

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the info on your fan audios.

Nice to know that there are other Doctor Who fans in NL! Even such fans that they’re making sick fan projects, would never have expected that.
Welkom op het forum :wink:


The audio adventures are very much like Big Finish their work. You basically have a new Doctor every episode. With 3 returning ones and a few (as we call them) one shot Doctors. A bit of Doctor Who for everyone. Loads of new stories written by Whovians and Non-Whovians. All with a completely new soundtrack composed by the brilliant Randell Mathilda.

Altijd goed om andere whovians uit NL tegen te komen, wordt vooral onderdeel van de Dutch Whovian Community. Die zitten op alle social media

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Yay another Dutchie! My good friend (Ashley, from your cast) has told me about LPC a while ago, just haven’t had the chance to get around to it yet. But, what little she let me listen to has made me curious hahaha. So much audio, so little time.

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Trust me, its worth it. (I am a bit biast I know). You can hear the passion that all the actors put into it.