A reminder to work on your reviews offline first

I was just made aware that someone’s review triggered the website firewall and it wasn’t saved, so they lost their work.

That specific bug shouldn’t have happened, it was to do with the server hosting and probably triggered by some words in the review, so I’m looking into this and getting it fixed as soon as I can.

However there are lots of things that could go wrong - your browser crashing or internet going down at the wrong moment - so I’d always recommend writing the review on a file on your computer, having it saved, and then copying it onto the site.

This will also have the benefit of you having a backup of your review as well.

(I know The Time Scales has a backup every 20 seconds, and I’m looking at replicating that but couldn’t get it done in time with the urgency I had to launch things)


(I’ll add a note to this effect on the review page as well, when I get a chance).


(There’s a happy ending, I found the review in the firewall logs! :tada:)