A History of the Universe

For a number of years now (since about 2011, scarily) I have been partaking in a marathon of Doctor Who based on the chronology detailed in Lance Parkin’s excellent A History.

I have blogged my thoughts on each story (TV, audio and comic (with the occasional novel and other mediums and even series, now and again) and the blog itself has had a couple of regenerations.

I am currently coming to the end of World War Two and if you’re interested, my latest reviews can be found here:

The most recent ones include the audios Quicksilver and Scorched Earth, and the comic strip Who is the Stranger.


Thanks for the tip, this is a blog I haven’t stumbled upon previously! I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of DW websites to keep an eye on!

Want to know my thoughts on the Fourth Doctor comic Treasure Trail set in 1944 or Casualties of War from 1945?

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