A Dalek Awakens - I have questions! (No spoilers)

Just finished A Dalek Awakens (London escape room) - well, didn’t finish would be more accurate!

I’m 90% sure there were several faults with it though which affected us - can anyone who has completed this before PM me so I can compare notes?

It was a lot of fun though, quite unnerving to be trapped in a small room with a Dalek!


After speaking to @sircarolyn who has also done this, yeah pretty sure there were some glitches!

Oh well, it was fun anyway, but not the best escape room I’ve done. I wish it had been a bit better to be honest!

I’d rate it about 3.5/5


If you ever do Worlds Collide, I can tell you all the secrets about that one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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