Worst Monthly Range Trilogy?

The Trilogies started to become commonplace around the 130 mark in the old ‘Monthly Range’, and most of them were pretty good.

But I want to know what you think the worst trilogy in the ‘Monthly Range’ is?

I’ll go first.

Whoever at BigFinish decided “let’s make a whole trilogy of Mags adventures rather than doing something interesting” deserves to be called a moron.

Seven was already struggling as is post-Hex.

These three stories - especially the Alan Barnes one - are some of the worst things BigFinish have ever put out.


I never made it that far, but I must say that those covers are absolutely fire.

/swoon :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


The Land of Fiction trilogy (City of Spires, The Wreck of the Titan, Legend of the Cybermen). Boring as I don’t know what.


@CommanderBayban oh I couldn’t disagree more! I had a lot of fun with those ones!

@PalindromeRose I haven’t reached those ones yet, but I’ve never heard anyone say anything good about them so I’m not looking forward to it, which sucks because you’d think Mags would be a fun character to bring back.

I’ve generally found most of the trilogies to be okay, and the middle episodes are usually the worst ones. That said, I recently listened to Moonflesh/Tomb Ship/Masquerade and I found them all deadly, deadly dull


The first one I listened to was Wreck of the Titan (I didn’t know it was a part of a trilogy) and was incredibly disappointed to find that a beloved subject of mine (the Titanic) wasn’t made into an historical, but a complete fantasy. So that was one strike.

I listened to the other two much later, and, plot aside, I’ve never been a fan of Jamie (or Zoe) being Six companions, so that plus the unappealing plots equaled “Not my thing”.

Any time they bring back other Doctors’ companions and shove them onto Six, I never seem to like it.


Yeah, those covers are deceptively good.

Now that’s a controversial pick, and you’re certainly the first person I’ve seen find it boring. I personally found ‘Legend of the Cybermen’ really creative…

Damn sight better than when the War Master went to the Land of Fiction.

Oh, they’re absolutely dire! ‘The Moons of Vulpana’ is the only one I’d call semi-bearable.

But that final script, ‘An Alien Werewolf in London’… oh boy! Genuinely some of the worst writing and performances in a BigFinish play!

I’m surprised it took so long for someone to mention the infamous Hannah Bartholomew Trilogy.

I personally don’t mind it, but that’s more because I found ‘Masquerade’ fascinating.

‘Moonflesh’ and ‘Tomb Ship’ are both from writers who have previously created some pretty crap audio adventures, so I was somewhat prepared to be let down collosally.


I was so bored out of my mind that it took me until like halfway through Tomb Ship to realise she had come from the previous episode :sweat_smile:


I didn’t mind the Hannah trilogy but, having recently listened to it, I’m going to have to say the Master trilogy.


So this is an interesting one, because I really like ‘The Two Masters’.

But ‘Vampire of the Mind’ was very dull.

The biggest issue I had with that trilogy was the first part - ‘And You Will Obey Me’: what a fantastic title wasted on quite possibly the most boring script.


Have only listened to 1.5 trilogies so far (halfway through the Stockbridge Trilogy atm) so don’t have a large sample size but recently listened to the Thomas Brewster trilogy (technically there’s 4 stories but Time Reef/A Perfect World are in the same release) and uhhh Did Not Care for it, nor him for that matter. So glad he wasn’t around long (and Five is too lmao)


Oh no…

Yeah that trilogy doesn’t end well. Just a heads-up for the atrocious Dalek story.