Where do I start with 8th doctor big finish?

what are your thoughts

There a few possibilities.

Storm Warning, his first story, is a good place as it introduces long running companion, Charley. But then you can probably skip the next three and go straight to the second season (Invaders of Mars to Neverland) which has the legendary Chimes of Midnight in it.

Alternativey, the Lucie Miller series are a good place - Blood of the Daleks.

Doom Coalition, which I’m listening to now, is recommended by some as a good place to start.


Some good starting points are:

Storm Warning (then carry on with Main Range, Charlotte Pollard)
Blood of the Daleks (then carry on with Lucie Miller, love her)
The Great War (Dark Eyes - some people love it, I’m not a big fan)
The Eleven (Doom Coalition)


what is lucie millers first story

^ This one! :blush: our posts are crossing lol

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thanks for the help I heard Lucie Miller is good so

The Lucie Miller ones are often recommended to people used to the modern series as they are 45/50 minute episodes rather than 4 parter classic style.

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I must say, after listening to loads of newer audios, I find the classic 2 hour long ones a bit of a slog :confounded:


Its like for me waching 1st doctors run I had to change the way I watched it 3rd doctor is easyier tho

There’s also Main Range #123 “The Company of Friends” which is an anthology release with four single-part half-hour stories featuring Bernice Summerfield, Fitz Kreiner (from the BBC novels), Izzy Sinclair (from the DWM comics), and Mary Shelley. The last story leads into a one-off trilogy with Mary Shelley in the TARDIS that comprises of “The Silver Turk”, “The Witch from the Well” and “Army of Death” (Main Range #153-155).


I would suggest Storm Warning. It was my first ever Big Finish story. 8 & Charley are a great duo.


I’d say there are four good starting points. The Eighth Doctor has been said to one of the longest-lived incarnations, so it depends on which version of the Eighth Doctor you think you’d be interested in.

A young Eighth Doctor similar to the guy you left off with in the TV movie? Start with ‘Storm Warning’

A slightly more mature Eighth Doctor who is beginning to show off a bit more of a grumpy side? Go with ‘Blood of the Daleks’

An older, world-weary Eight? Go with ‘Doom Coalition 1’ not ‘Dark Eyes.’ ‘Dark Eyes’ sort of acts as an epilogue to the events of the run that starts with ‘Blood of the Daleks.’

If you’re interested in what the Eighth Doctor got up to in the early years of the Time War, start with the box set titled ‘Time War Volume 1’