What are you currently reading?

Halfway through UNIT: The Benton Files III, which is to say I’ve read the first of the two stories.

Also, 60% through Who’s 50, and studiously avoiding looking ahead to see which stories the authors chose as essential viewing. Many are pretty predictable, some I wouldn’t have chosen, some I would have chosen left out, but mostly unsurprising choices, except for a couple of curveballs. Enjoying seeing what the authors have to say about them, though.


Finally read the last Torchwood Short Stories I was missing (from the yearbook)

Now it’s just the torchwood novels and audiobooks left (and this month’s BF releases)


Can’t speak to the audios, but I really enjoyed the Torchwood line of books. Some were a little more gruesome than my tastes generally run, but there are some really cracking stories among them. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


I’ve just finished Burning Heart, my third Dave Stone book, and started The Room With No Doors, my sixth Kate Orman book!

The setting and basic story of Burning Heart felt a bit generic for a Doctor Who novel (e.g. nothing as conceptually fun as the stories Christopher Bulis regularly turns out), but in the hands of Stone, there’s some damn good writing behind it. I’m always nervous about a Sixth Doctor novel; he’s been one of my favorite incarnations since I first watched his TV run, but given the fact he was decidedly the broader fandom’s least favorite before Big Finish and Evelyn Smythe, and that the onscreen relationship between him and Peri is often very uncomfortable, I have a lot of trepidation about how a writer not particularly fond of the incarnation might portray him. Dave Stone dives into his psyche—imo more than any Missing Adventure has done with any Doctor thus far—and into Peri’s as well, doing some very nice exploring of their relation in a way that seems to reconcile a lot of the contradictions of this Doctor. And of course, Stone being Stone, there’s some definite humor mixed in as well—for one example, Queegvogel is right up my alley, enjoyment-wise, and also a character I can’t imagine any other Who novel writer daring to use. I think this might be the first time any writer for the franchise has dared to use a non-evil Sontaran character, and Stone does Moffat one better by having his example explicitly not be the only one out there. (As with all the New and Missing Adventures, the usual content warnings for disturbing/poorly aged material apply, this is still the Wilderness Years and everything goes.)

I’m only three proper chapters into The Room With No Doors, but it’s excellent so far! Great immersive setting/atmosphere work, and making full use of Orman’s gift for capturing the little moments. After being a bit let down by all of her solo novels since The Left-Handed Hummingbird, which I adored, I’m glad I’m loving this one so far. (I did think So Vile a Sin was excellent, though, that’s one of my favorite New Adventures.)


I’m skipping all the Ninth Doctor Adventures that I haven’t listened to so far and going straight to Star Crossed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well just finished Dark Horizons so now moving onto Love and War. First few pages in and its already bringing back a certain nostalgia from when I read it 7 years back. Really excited to spend time with it! x

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About to start Another Life today, me and my bf decided to have a nice quiet day staying in, drinking tea, and reading books together


I’ll leave this here for when you’re done :slight_smile:

I’ve only read this and Border Princes but I did enjoy both.

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Bookmarking for later!

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I started The Giggle Target Novelisation :tada:


Another long journey today so in the car I’m going to continue reading The Long Game (the behind-the-scenes book about the relaunch of Doctor Who).

I love my bookmark! (One of a few Doctor Who themed ones I own)


I was pretty impressed with that one. As an American, a lot of the non-Who references were lost on me, but I think Paul Hayes did a wonderful job putting it together. I still need to pick up his Pull to Open book one of these days.


Yeah that’s the next behind-the-scenes book I’m going to read after this.

I’m looking forward to adding all these to the site at some point as well, there will be a whole new section for non-fiction.


Not Doctor Who related, but I’m trying to find an hour or so every day to read so I can get through the Hitchhiker’s Guide before I need to return it to the library. I know I could get through it all in a week but unfortunately I have other things that require my attention.


Finished the last Wilde/Chase novel last night. Got a Star Wars comic to read tonight, then it’s Prisoners of Time and The Face of the Enemy.


Still on Love and War and have started The Crystal Bucephalus.

Wanting to read some non-who stuff as well I have started The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and bought Suspicious Minds, the first Stranger Things novel after loving the stageplay.


Finally got around to reading Torchwood Comics Vol. 1: World Without End.

It’s really just the Barrowman siblings throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. I didn’t know it was a single story in three volumes so I have to wait for the conclusion I guess.

It was like a Torchwood season 5 where they just decided to go full on camp season 2 in both story style and tone - and I am here for that. I definitely want to buy the other two volumes, if for nothing else to find out why the Seal of Rassilon keeps popping up in this story :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and they called out Jack on wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time :grin:


It really is


I’m reading the latest DWM, and loving the comic strip (“The Hans of Fear”), which is set in 19th-century Copenhagen. I’m a sucker for Doctor Who stories that are set in Scandinavian countries, and this one is a celebrity historical as well, so I love it! And there are references to Sweden and Finland as well, so my little Nordic heart is happy.


I need to read this now! We need more Scandinavian Who that is not set in Norway.