Wanting to start topics but not wanting to repeat someone else

Just a quick concern I wanted to voice, I do have ideas for topics I’d start in some sections but I’m worried that people will have already done the topic I start. That would feel embarrassing and feel like I’m stepping on whoever started its toes.

I don’t know if this is just me who feels this way or anything but any advice or comment on this would be very much appreciated friends :))


You can always go category by category and just scroll through them. Unfortunately the search forum search function isn’t the best for search for topics.


Do a quick search for some keywords to look for anything similar, but don’t worry too much about accidentally repeating a topic, they can always get merged


Yeah, everyone accidentally repeats a topic occasionally. I can think of one that had to be merged twice, and I think all three were started by mods, including me.

And there’s also the Free for All Chat thread if you just want to talk about something but don’t feel like starting a thread.


I wouldn’t worry about it - the worst that’ll happen is your topic will get merged with the existing one. At the end of the day, we all just want to talk endless Who so we’re bound to retread the same ground a few times :slight_smile:


I once started a thread which was a duplicate. And who started the original thread…me!

So don’t worry about duplicating. Sometimes old threads die and a new one is better especially as our community grows and as others have said we can always merge them if need be.


If a topic is simular to another one we can also merge them and there is no problem at all. Now I relly want to read your topic!