TV Club: The Unquiet Dead

Not much to comment, given I’m not technically part of TV club, but I did rewatch this with my partner recently while introducing our friend to the first few episodes of new who.

This episode was the only one to ever give me nightmares as a child, haha. And is probably the reason that to this day, I can’t stand undead things. Give me something alive or dead any day, just not anything in-between! No zombies or vampires for me, thank you. Ghosts are more tolerable given their lack of physicality.

I’m still capable of enjoying such things in fiction of course. But I can’t ever not feel extremely uncomfortable at the prospect, all stemming back from this episode! Thanks Doctor Who, haha. I’m sure in Gatiss’s mind that means it did its job well.


Well, technically speaking, if you’re here, discussing the episode, I think you’re now a member of the tv club. For this episode, anyways. It’s more of a per episode you watch thing.

And, yeah, could see where this might rank with episode not to show kids…


TV Club isn’t exclusive, it’s just anyone who wants to join in and discuss the episode! Same with Audio and Book club :blush:

I’ve granted you a badge now, so you’re one of us!


While not a highlight of series 1, this is still a very enjoyable episode and I think Gatiss’s strongist TV offering. Not read any of his prose but Nightshade is up next for me. The gelth are great villains and a lovely piece of Time War lore, it’s great to see how the Doctor considers their plan to use dead bodies to live and their are some wonderful moments for the Doctor and Rose in this.


Everything you ever wanted to know about The Unquiet Dead:

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I used to find this story somewhat meh, but upon rewatch it’s enjoyable. Charles Dickens is great in this and I love the real beginning of Bad Wolf popping up. It’s a fine adventure.


It’s better than I remember, but still not one of my favorites. What can I say? I don’t like ghost stories. Dickens is a highlight and it definitely seems that Eccleston be having a blast. The conversation with Gwyneth is well done. We get the first mention of Rose’s father, too. I like how their conversation goes from giggling about boys to the creepiness of Gwyneth’s sight, just like that.

Whereas the first two episodes are more about Rose, here we get the first true threads of the arc with Bad Wolf, and we get more hints of the Time War and get more into the Doctor’s psyche. I think I recognized the alley where the TARDIS lands as somewhere we’ll see again off and on throughout the modern series. I must say that for whatever reason, the CG for the Gelth seems to have held up better than the space station exteriors the previous episode. I do think this is one of Gatiss’ better stories. It’s quite good and a great episode. It’s just not one of my favorites.


This was the first time I had rewatched this episode since the original transmission. I had very few memories of it until I started watching. I’m generally not a fan of pseudo-historicals which involve real historical figures becoming embroiled in a sci-fi story (Timelash may be partly responsible for my views on that!) but it worked here with the explanation of why what Dickens had seen would not cause a problem. It was a genuinely creepy story & the scene where it slowly dawned on Rose that Gwyneth was not only reading her mind but seeing far more than Rose knew herself actually sent shivers down my spine. Watching it with the hindsight of having watched Torchwood enabled me to fully appreciate all the seeds that were being sown even at this very early stage. A very underrated episode IMO - I’m really glad I watched it again & got so much more out of it.


This story is one that has passed me by as just okay but on a revisit I really enjoyed it! It’s nothing spectacular but it’s a lot of fun