TV Club: The Long Game

Okay okay perhaps that was a wee bit hyperbolic :wink: I repent!
But I do think that “Taphony and the Time Loop” is a better story - even if it has got worse acting.

There’s just so much untapped potential in The Long Game which is such a shame, I’m always left feeling slightly disappointed afterwards.


I think it’s telling that every time I remember something fun about this episode, it’s always content that’s actually in Bad Wolf.


Doing my deep dive that I am want to do and I’ve discovered that one of the Doom’s Day instalments returns to Satellite 5 after the events of The Long Game (but before those of Bad Wolf).

Did anyone get this far with the Doom’s Day ‘event’? It also features the Slitheen and yet I think I failed to mention it in the Slitheen’s dedicated thread.

There’s an ‘exclusive extract’ available here:

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No, I think I read the opening and closing installments, the Titan comic and played part way through the app events.

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I definitely didn’t, but but kinda want to out of curiosity (mostly to laugh at it)

I think the framing device of each story being an another hour was fun, and it overall seems short enough

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Out of curiosity, has anyone listened to The Other Side, which takes place in the middle of this story (from what I’ve heard it’s just before the final scene)

I’ve listened to The Other Side. It was alright. The Doctor, Adam, and Rose are working their way through various time periods. It fits pretty well with the Long Game and fills in Adam’s character a bit, but some of the plot details are a little underdeveloped. I found it fun they got Adam’s actor back, but that also is how I found out said actor Bruno Langley is a convicted sex offender :face_vomiting:


I have the box set this is in but have yet to listen to any of them. I don’t think I’d appreciated where it was set and that’s one for the ‘filling gaps’ thread in terms of gaps that don’t exist!


That sounds like the most random thing I’ve ever heard.

Then again, I remember the first episode of ‘The Lives of Cpt. Jack’ was set aboard Satellite 5 post-‘Bad Wolf’…

Don’t listen to it: it was awful.


So, The Long Game.

Not an all-time classic, but a fine, forgettable Doctor Who! This is mostly remembered for featuring Simon Pegg looking pale and creepy (he is really good in a role too small), as well as Adam being a bigger idiot than Mickey ever was and becoming the first companion to be thrown out of the TARDIS.

The story is simple and moves along pretty slowly. It’s very focused on Adam, who I cannot stand, and the Doctor finding out what’s going on. Then it picks up pace for the finale and delivers a rushed climax. Before the episode had any chance to build proper tension, everything was over. There’s some commentary on media corporations and technology, but it’s pretty subtle.

Chris and Billie are great together. I adore the space station set because it’s so lively and detailed (and it’s the same set that was used for The End of the World, significantly redressed!). The CGI is what it is, and it looks pretty bad on the underused Jagrafess (one of RTD’s least successful original monsters).

It’s fine, as I said. I wouldn’t suggest it for casual viewers, unless they are fans of Simon Pegg.

I give it 63/100.


I have listened to it but don’t remember anything about it!


This story was okay.

Famously a budget-saving decision to reuse the set from the finale (there aren’t many sets in S1, and Rose never visits an alien planet this series).

I was disappointed in Adam’s role here because I initially thought it would be fun for him to also be a companion, and whatever he was cute. Oh well.

I enjoyed the scenes in the hospital, especially when he vomited and it got frozen - brilliant!

A big comedown after Dalek, but actually more interesting to rewatch after the finale. It’s clever, just not that good really.


There is nothing particularly bad about this episode, but nothing particularly good either. It’s just there. Decent enough but unmemorable.


Pretty unremarkable. In most other Series most would say “this is just okay”, since Series 1 is filled with many good ones and in my Opinion has only a few darts (really the first half is a bit difficult to get through, for me at least). And well, one of them is probably this. Not to say that this Episode doesn’t deliver some good ideas, there are plenty of good ones, but really, and I know that was the attention, but Adam is such a nothing character. I get it you aren’t supposed to like him, but he feels like a caricature than a character. The CGI while impressive for the time sadly didn’t age so well, still charming and Simon Pegg is pretty unremarkable in this one, I always keep forgetting he was in this one. Overall it’s meh. Cool ideas, some nice moments, but as a whole Episode? I kinda wish we got something different or this one would have benefit from being fleshed out more