Torchwood: Continuing the Monthly Range

I would like to see some slightly earlier Torchwood soho stuff set during WWII. I think it would be interesting to see how the Allies and Nazis tried to use alien technology to help the war effort.


I listened to a couple of the Main Range audios a few years ago, but that’s it. I love the show, but somehow I haven’t gotten into the Torchwood audio. It’s partly due to the fact that almost none of the original cast members are involved these days, and partly because the stories don’t really entice me. I have meant to listen to Aliens/Gods Among Us but have never gotten around to it.

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I think among us is the best of the torchwood big finish things

The main range has stories I really like, and like more than among us, but it’s few and far between
Probably want to listen to series 1 and two of the main range before among us though (then again, I didn’t and was fine)

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Speak of the devil!

Looks like we have another era of Torchwood’s history (the 1920s), a couple more horror stories (including a Guy Adams return — I love his TW scripts), and great news for me: my girl Tosh is back! I’ve missed her.

These look quite exciting to me — I’ll certainly snap up a couple. Any thoughts?


Oooooo, 1920s torchwood sounds fun!

1920s, Tosh, Rhys, and something else new with no torchwood cast announced (but dealing with them as the plot background)

That last one could be really good or very mediocre, but with Guy Adams on the script I’m thinking the former and definitely looking forward to it, just double checked which torchwood audios were his and they’re 8s and 9s across the board (apart from Moving Target and Believe, but those are still 7s and I really need to relisten to believe)


1920s Torchwood sounds excellent!

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Also looks like it’s be a Jeeves and Wooster style story — which sounds excellent!


Nice. Excited for another story with Tosh and to explore a new era of Torchwood.


Oh yeah I am praying to see some Torchwood audios with Tania. She’s one of my favorite characters from Stranded and I really really want to see more of her. I was hoping for her to pop up in season 7 but, oh well.