The Whoniverse Spin Offs

Far more vital to me than the casting leak is that the director will be Dylan Holmes Williams of 73 Yards and Dot And Bubble. This information alone, if true, has turned me around on the spin-offs from cold to hot. Dylan did some of the most dynamic and thoughtful direction that Doctor Who has had in years, and definitely deserves a solo project like this.


Martha without the unrequited love and the terrible “she’s not Rose” stuff would be great. Freema has just got better and better as an actor. The range she showed in New Amsterdam was really impressive. She could totally lead a spin off.

My fantasy spin off would be the eighth doctor and Liv Chenka stranded on Earth. Kind of Stranded but with a bit more action/adventure thrown in. Nicola Walker is brilliant, and she works so well with McGann. Have you seen them together in Annika? They work wonderfully well in the audios. Maybe it could aim for a slightly more adult audience, but without the early Torchwood gratuitous sex/swearing/violence that made it somewhat risible. They have their place in grown up drama, but only in service of the story.


We’ll never get Liv because of the Big Finish contractual issues - technically you’d need to listen to the audios to find out who she is, or else she would have to be an Expy of herself, basically. I don’t think that does BF fans or the character a service. However, I wouldn’t put it past them to have McGann show up in a cameo. On paper, this is not the most exciting of spin-offs, and that might be the bit of star draw that they need.

It’s not right or good, but WandaVision got a lot of viewers off the back of all the X-Men speculation - were they gonna turn up? Weren’t they? And it’s also a long unanswered fandom question, really; no one talks about the 8th Doctor. His only televised story is a literal reboot pilot, and then Night of the Doctor is not much more than a cute interstitial to patch together the timeline. If you can’t directly reference Big Finish, and you can’t because of law, then what the hell did 8 actually DO in his time as The Doctor? This would be a great opportunity to explore that and get McGann back on telly.


That was my exact thought, but replace Martha with UNIT. I’ve just never cared for or about them.


UNIT is a favourite of mine right from I started watching with the Third Doctor. Not the biggest fan of current UNIT though. A bit to ‘big’ for my liking.


Yeah, the whole “everybody and their mother can work there” element of it is really unappealing to me. They come across more as a Doctor fanclub with guns and body armor than a legitimate government-esque military organization.


Certainly the weird addition of Rose Noble to the set up didn’t really make sense (what’s her skill-set that is enough to get that amount of access? Is it merely that she’s the daughter of Donna who had some special stuff going on in her head?)

Bring back Osgood!


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Osgood is Oh So GOOD. :wink:


And, to be crass for a moment, Ingrid Oliver is gorgeous!



She most definitely is a natural beauty.


Is that Human or Zygon Osgood? :thinking: And how can we then be sure you aren’t a Zygon in disguise with your human counterpart in a Body Print Machine somewhere near Loch Ness… Hmm…


sorry you’re not tall enough for her :wink:


Why choose? :wink:


As it was mentioned in another thread. What about an Abslom Daak Dalek Killer spin off?


If it was rated at least 16+ I would be all for it, get his personality as comic accurate as possible :sunglasses:

Bring on the Chain sword wielding maniac DK :smiling_imp::sunglasses: