The road to 10,000 stories…

Anyone want to quickly add 5 stories? :wink:


Now they seem to make things difficult for us again. Found this in Reddit. Is this like a lot of small stories or one big one?


Looks more like it’s just gonna be a collectible


Yeah seems like something to go in the new “References” section


That was my thought at first but it is written as the TARDIS’s thoughts and has an audiobook as well.


From my understanding, it’s sort of an encyclopedia of the Whoniverse, but it’s written from the TARDIS’ point of view. That’s made as a gimmick to make it stand out more. I haven’t read it though, so I can’t say for sure.


Not really a “story” though, is it?


Probably not. I tried to use what the wrote but it seems to be down.


TARDIS Wiki has been down for a couple of days, which makes me sad. I wonder what is happening :persevere:


Yeah, I’d noticed that they were down yesterday and that they’re still down. Hope they come up soon…


Me, too. Wonder what happened to them… :cry:


Searching around a little, I found this page:

It has an incident open with this at the top:

We are aiming to get the wiki back up in read-only mode tomorrow. Editing will take a bit longer to get back up and running. Unfortunately, we are having to revert to a backup and so most edits made yesterday (7 July 2024 UTC) will be lost. Sorry.

Posted at 7/8/2024, 2:04:30 PM by @Bongo50


Latest on this:


14m ago

Hi. We made a routine config change to allow larger file uploads and, somehow, the process of restarting the server caused the database to become corrupted. Luckily, we have a backup from the day before the outage, but it is very large so it takes a long time to copy around and import. We had recently switched to a more powerful server but we still have the old server available so we’ve been copying the backup back to the old server which has taken a long time. We were planning to have a read-only version of the wiki up during this time but, due to some errors in communication, that hasn’t ended up happening. We’re nearly there now but the final steps need to be performed by a team member who has been on an unfortunately timed holiday and only just got back this morning. We’re hoping that, when they wake up, things will move more quickly. The plan is then to operate the wiki from the old server for a week or so and then put the wiki back into read-only to migrate back to the new server.


And the tardis wiki seems to be semi-up now, presumably read only. (Broken pictures were noticeable as well…)


I do wonder who they use for hosting and why it took so long, they seem to be relying on one person who was on holiday.

Just to let you know, with TARDIS Guide the main website is backed up every hour, and can be restored with one click in the admin interface, even if I’m on holiday as long as there is an internet connection it can be done. The hosting company provide support if anything goes wrong.

The forum is backed up every day, and again can be restored with support from the hosts in one click.


And that’s why we love you so much @shauny
Look at how often this lovely site gets upgraded :cyberman:…I mean updated. It’s just amazing.


Hello all.

Shaun and I were having behind the scenes chat about the spreadsheet and wanted to get things moving again on it.

Can people reply here with exactly which sheet they are going to be working on (and any idea of rough timeframes - It will just help @shauny prioritise work on the site and to fit it all around his many, many excursions abroad).


I’d kind of been doing a bit of everything but life took over right around the time the new version of the shared spreadsheet was released. I think I was somewhere around 1972. So I had all the Daleks strips which I think I moved to a separate sheet and they got on the Guide. I was partway through the Third Doctor strips when I fell off the project. I don’t remember if I moved what I’d done in that set to its own sheet or not. I might hop back on at some point. Maybe to start cross-referencing the sheets/wiki with the Guide and help catch things that have fallen through the cracks. I don’t really know at the moment.


On my end, I added books and short stories to the Lethbridge-Stewart tab, though I kind of think the short stories should shift to their own tab, in the same way Bernice Summerfield has two tabs. Happy to shift them if someone say “do it”. All this stuff is initial entry, and could use another pair of eyes.

Also wondering whether Candy Jar’s UNIT stuff should be its own separate tabs, or if could/should be lumped in with L-S.


Absolutely we should have more than one pair of eyes on each sheet just to check for typos, missing info etc.

I think the rule for whether something should be a separate sheet or not should be based on whether you think it would be a separate set on the site. I don’t know enough about the Candy Jar publications but if the LS novels are a ‘continuous’ and the other UNIT stuff (the Benton stuff, I assume, is part of that) it would probably be a different ‘set’ for completion on the site.

@Darth if you’re too busy to finish the Third Doctor comics, I’m happy to carry on as I’m breaking up for the summer hols next week so will have a bit more time free.

@SheaPM @Aquanafrahudy @ineffyble @Tian @elvwood @MrColdStream @ThetaSigmaEarChef - if any of you are actively working on the sheet, can you just mention here what you are focussing on.

And if there’s anyone else working on it I’ve missed (I’ve tried to track through this thread but I’m bound to have missed someone).