Series 1 - Eccleston - Your Overall Thoughts

A fairly solid series to start the 2005 era of Who, I think it is only surpassed by series 4 in RTD-led Who.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances 4,5/5 :star:
Boom Town 4,5/5 :star:
The Unquiet Dead 4/5 :star:
Father’s Day 4/5 :star:
End of the World 3,5/5 :star:
Rose 3/5 :star:
Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways 3/5 :star:
Aliens of London/World War Three 3/5 :star:
Dalek 3/5 :star:
The Long Game 1,5/5 :star:


Excellent. Very solid overall!

Bad Wolf is great. It’s got bits of plot threads woven in that don’t detract from the stories, and don’t leave you disappointed coming back to them because they work. I love spotting them like Easter eggs.

Rose is great, very relatable normal human who becomes better with the Doctor. Mickey gets much better in series 2. Here, he’s too pathetic. And I don’t like how easily he’s able to hack into UNIT! Captain Jack is on top from the moment he’s introduced. Love him.

Eccelston is great casting. His one season portrayal left lasting affects and of course lasting impressions on all of us! I’d have loved more seasons with him. But his ending was perfect, I wouldn’t change it.

I’m struggling between the Dalek, the Empty Child, or the Nanobots. I legit can’t choose :sob: they’re all so good!

Very! I mean we’re heading up for series 15 next year!

I think it needed an alien planet. Spliced somewhere in there. I’d have enjoyed seeing 9 traverse one and show Rose.

As for those two scripts, not sure I like either of them. So glad they didn’t happen.


Rose 7/10
The End of the World 8/10
The Unquiet Dead 7/10
Aliens of London 8/10
World War Three 7/10
Dalek 9/10
The Long Game 6/10
Father’s Day 7/10
The Empty Child 10/10
The Doctor Dances 10/10
Boom Town 8/10
Bad Wolf 8/10
The Parting of the Ways 10/10

Series Rating: 8.07