Reviews on the website

I didn’t imagine this would cause so much confusion and controversy haha

Public and private reviews would be much appreciated!

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Further to this, I’m actually working on this at the moment and have a few more questions for people to answer.

I’m going to skip the idea of another rating altogether. This will just be a text-based review. People can choose to add their own ratings in the text if they like, and update it whenever they like.

The Time Scales requires 300 characters minimum for a review (and frustratingly doesn’t show you how many characters you’ve used - just how many words!). Should I have a similar requirement or just let people write short reviews if they want? I don’t really see the harm in that.

Thanks, hoping to get this in your hands eventually…


Sometimes you just don’t have a lot to say about an episode - I don’t see why a character limit should be necessary. Sounds good otherwise!


I think a character minimum is a great way to filter out ‘like it’ or ‘it’s rubbish’ reviews

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I don’t sd the point of a minimum character limit. Sometimes you have a lot to say and sometimes you don’t have that much to say.


Not sure why someone would choose to write a really small review if they don’t need to. There’s no obligation to write reviews.

Also if it became a problem I could have options for people to hide reviews that are short. But still allow them to be submitted and read if you want that.


I agree on no minimum. Small can be beautiful.


Should I allow formatting?

The Time Scales is just a big text box, no formatting at all.

I’d at least add bold, italic, blockquotes, lists.

But maybe not headings because otherwise someone might:

Write their entire review as a giant heading to make it seem really important

(I have to think of all these things now to avoid issues in the future when I open it up to more than just the patrons)


Oh I bloomin hate ‘headings’ so absolutely don’t include those - but definitely need bold, italics etc. Will we be able to add links? Is that something people would need?

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Why do you hate headings? :laughing: but yeah I won’t add them.

Yes I will be adding links. I think it adds to a review if people can link to other stories, etc. just gotta be vigilant about spam.

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If you get children to create things in Google Docs or Word or whatever they invariably TYPE ALL THEIR WORDS IN DIFFERENT SIZES OF HEADINGS and usually different fonts and font sizes and 100 different colours and it is extremely annoying.


Are you comparing Doctor Who fans to children? :laughing:


The children I teach are much better behaved and well-mannered than some fans - particularly around other forum sites…