“My Next Story” improvements planned

This is all ready to be tested, if anyone wants to try it out let me know!

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This all looks good. I do have a few points/suggestions, though. As always, feel free to ignore or defer :grin:

I think that the name ‘set’ has too much overlap with phrases such as ‘box set’ and ‘collect the set’ and does not really imply a sequence or a flow though, particularly when there is an option to split (for example, when listening to the Big Finish monthly range you will have different potential next items with each story) Personally, I quite like words such as ‘strand’ , ‘thread’, or ‘path’ for this concept. Alternatively, you could borrow from media player terminology and use ‘playlist’.

As for a word to encompas view, listen, read, and so on, many other sites and services seem to have settled on ‘enjoy’ for this. Would that work here?

This is very much a future feature suggestion, but would it be possible to have sets/strands/paths/playlists for other metadata, such as release date, companions or enemies, character timelines, etc. I know this kind of thing would really crowd out the UI, but see below for a thought on that.

One way to cut down the clutter would be to allow users to explicitly define a current playlist which will be the only one shown (by default, at least) until it finishes. So I could either pick from provided playlists or, for example, use the existing story filters to select something, such as BF Short Trips, or 3rd Doctor TV episodes, or srories with Yeti, or whatever, then click a button to set that as my current playlist. My ‘next story’ would then be set to the first uncompleted story in that set (or to the first in the set if they have all been completed already, and I fancy a rewatch/relisten).

Finally, a minor point, while you are looking at the code for this, can you please make sure that sequences are linked by some kind of unique id rather than the story name. I am currently listening through the Big Finish Short trips range, and was suggested the wrong ‘I am the Master’ (which is why I mentioned it in another thread).

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I don’t mind trying this out, I have several next stories on my list. Also, great suggestions from @efficacy!

Unfortunately it’s too late to rename it, I’ve gone with set (been working on this for 5 days). I really like “Playlist” but also think it’s a little confusing. Oh well.

Yes, definitely making custom sets like that :blush:

That’s an interesting idea, I could think about it in the future.

I always use IDs, so that ‘I am the Master’ is a different problem - the thing is, it’s the exact same story within different box sets isn’t it? I remember coming across it whilst adding.

I’ll DM you, and add you to the testers!

Not in this case, I’m afraid. I think there may have been some confusion in the data. entry.

I Am the Master · Masterful • Episode 10 · TARDIS Guide is a single audio story written and performed by Geoffrey Beevers which very much depends on the audio medium,

Doctor Who: I Am The Master · TARDIS Guide is listed as a collectible containing six other Master stories, which is a reasonable way of looking at it, but on the other hand, it’s just one book of short stories which does not contain any version of the audio story.

The problem I had was that this BBC book collectible appeared as my next story instead of the Big Finish audio which I was expecting.

I’d love to help test!

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Ok @flora_snow00 I’ve switched you over to it!

There are still a couple of bugs but nothing to stop you using it. Check it out on the homepage, and also the “my next story” page looks the same but uses new data.

Play around with it and disable / enable tracking of any sets. There’s not currently a list of all the sets (might work on that today) but you can find a set by going to a story and it links to it next to the story title.

I’ll write up all about it once it’s finished!


This is now live for everyone, with a write-up on how to use it here.


Looks great and works a charm! Just letting you know that on mobile the “Disable tracking” button only appears in landscape mode. Not sure what you can do about it, but it might be confusing for some people.

I hid that button on the smallest mobile screens because it looked a bit too busy. I can maybe show it again if I can find a way to have it there, just thought it wasn’t that necessary to show because you can get to it other ways… I’ll think about that :blush: Thanks!

Cool. Once I had to disablle tracking for about 30 sets which I am not actively following, but now it looks neat and useful…


I am watching new Who and I was wondering if should not the minisodes be part of the 2005-2023 set.

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I decided not to make them part of the watch order mainly because not everyone will have access to them. Whilst some of them are free on YouTube, a lot are only available on DVDs (or dodgy sites).

So for now, you can seek them out manually.

I am planning on making a massive “Doctor Who watch order” guide that will include EVERYTHING and will have ways to tick them off as you go!


So I have to ask, by everything do you mean EVERYTHING? I think it’d be really helpful for me (the one with the currently multi-thousand line spreadsheet workbook spread over 15 tabs) in keeping track of my timelines and such. And if not, I wouldn’t say no to helping craft a set there as well and trying to keep it up to date!

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Oh well maybe I shouldn’t have said everything… I kind of meant everything on TV. Audios are a lot more difficult and don’t tend to always have an order, usually just release order

But I’m willing to try, especially with help :smile: what did you have in mind? Thanks!

As with so much of Doctor Who, watch/listen/read order is a big ball of … you know.

You may need more than one path through if you venture beyond just the TV episodes.

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In most cases it’s easy enough to put the books into the TV chronology - a lot of the Virgin and BBC specified their position.

Audios can sometimes be a bit trickier and there is debate but it wouldn’t hurt to use something like Eyespider’s website.

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I might split this into a different topic as we are going into new territory here.

But what I had in mind was similar to Watch Orders you can find if you search online, but that includes all TV series (and maybe books and audios etc), and you can hide and show ones you’re not interested in, and it will have the checkboxes so you can tick them off and rate the directly.

Just a kind of “USP” for the site that other sites don’t have.


This is pretty much what I had in mind as well. Just a sort of “all in one” set for those embarking on the mad journey that is timeline order. And if there’s the ability to customize, then by all means that’s just gravy.

It’s also something I wouldn’t genuinely want until the site has fully been catalogued. I shudder to think of how much more work it would be to have to manually go in and slot stories into a timeline as they’re being added. More so an idea for a capstone than anything else.