Hello! I’m OwlWolf22091 :)

I’m a new Doctor Who fan (only started watching less than a year ago!), and so far I’ve only watched New Who.
I’m mostly on Tumblr (@none-ofthisnonsense), but I’m glad to meet you!
My favourite doctor is Nine, and my favourite companion is easily Donna Noble!
Happy to make your acquaintance :slight_smile: (also, I’ve never used a forum before, so please tell me if I “breach etiquette”, as it were!)
See you around :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.

Basic forum rule is ‘be nice’ but beyond that just enjoy the conversation.

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Hi and welcome. What I can’t act like a dalek sniff sniff


Great to have people brand new to Who on the forum. If you’re interested in getting into any of the extended media like the books and audio dramas, we currently have a Book Club and an Audio Club - only just started, so you can join us for the very beginning!

Book Club: The Clockwise Man

Audio Club: The Sirens of Time

If not, that’s fine, just chat about New Who! There’s so much to cover :blush:

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Thank you! :smiley:
(I forgot to include that I’m watching Torchwood in my post, whoops!)

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Torchwood is a mixed bag for some, but series 3 (Children of Earth) is, IMO, some of the best Whoniverse content there is!

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Torchwood is the edgy side of Doctor Who universe. This is what I see the Chibnall era was trying to do. I do not mind Torchwood but happy to have Big Finish that expands that universe.

Thanks for the edit. Autocorrect kills me sometimes.

Big Finish Torchwood is excellent and expands it in some interesting ways - especially exploring different eras of Torchwood.