Hello! I’m DispersalPhase aka Rachel! (and I love books!)

Hello! I’m DispersalPhase (aka Rachel), with the former name being a reference to one of my favorite Doctor Who stories, the New Adventures novel Parasite by Jim Mortimore! I’m 23 & in the US, was introduced to Doctor Who around 2013-2014 with Spearhead from Space, and today I’m absolutely obsessed with Classic Who & the EU content based on it (although I love stories from every era of the show, and the eras of Eccleston, Whittaker, and Capaldi are particular favorites of mine outside of the Classic series). My favorite Doctors overall are the First, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth; the First & Seventh also have my all-time favorite eras. Class, Torchwood, and The War Master are my favorite spinoffs. The Hex arc is my favorite era of specifically audio stories.

The main Who thing I’m focused on right now is the novels published during the Wilderness Years, of which I’ve built up a large collection and through which I’m reading in publication-order-with-an-asterisk-indicating-So-Vile-a-Sin-as-an-exception (currently on Speed of Flight), and these books are the thing I’m most excited to talk about! Have other people read any of these books? Which books and authors are your favorites?

These are some of my favorites so far:

Cat’s Cradle: Warhead
Love and War
Blood Heat
All-Consuming Fire
Strange England
Venusian Lullaby
Original Sin
Sky Pirates!
Damaged Goods


Welcome! Good to have you here!

A few of us who haven’t read those books yet are setting up a book club to read & discuss them, we are starting with the Virgin New Adventures!

I appreciate you’ve already read them so may not want to join us, but you’re absolutely free to join in with the discussions about each book.

We will be posting news about this soon but there is a thread here about it: Let’s start the Book Club! What are we reading first and specifics

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Welcome Rachel.

I’ll admit now to ranking Parasite almost right at the bottom of my New Adventure experience but some of the other novels you list are among my favourites such as Love and War, All-Consuming Fire and Blood Heat - and of course the amazing Damaged Goods.

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