Favourite Antagonists

I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been any kind of thread on this (there might’ve been, I just couldn’t find one) but I was wondering what some people’s favourite antagonists were.

Could be from any Doctor Who story, any medium and for any reason. The more obscure and cool the better.

A couple I would highlight would be:

The Midnight Entity - Genuinely terrifying in every sense of the world, unknowable, practically undefeatable and with a brilliant performance backing it up.

The Flood - Always fascinated me, The Waters of Mars really wouldn’t be the same without the really simple idea of water, the thing we depend on for life, being out to kill you.

The Music - Or sound creature, or whatever you want to call it from Scherzo. Chills. Utter chills, especially in its first scene. Love it for similar reasons as the Midnight Entity.

Hoothi - From Paul Cornell’s Love and War. Parasitic fungal creatures that travel around in giant hot air balloons made of skin. Need I say more?

The Family of Blood - Four great and genuinely scary performances, the whole concept of them wanting to gain eternal life from the Doctor is brilliant.


Rural Welsh Family

Eating people because it makes them happy :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I agree that the Hoothi are absolutely brilliant!
Love and War is such a good book :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh has to be the Mara for me, love a barely explicable (usually) incorporeal entity.


I mean, surely, he is the greatest antagonist in the history of the Whoniverse?


I’m not a fan of moustache-twirling villains, so those like The Master or The Eleven really don’t do much for me.

I also am not a fan of mindless, killing machines, so The Daleks, whilst iconic and brilliant, don’t always make for my favourite stories. My favourite Dalek stories are when they do something different, like Dalek from series 1.

It may sound basic but I love The Weeping Angels, I can’t get enough of them. They are just such an interesting concept. I was less thrilled when they started to be able to talk - I’d have preferred them as mute.

I also love The Silence because of how they affect memory, although their TV stories weren’t the greatest. I’ve heard they are done really well in UNIT: Silenced so looking forward to listening to that.

The Veil, from Heaven Sent, is also so interesting and creepy.

I actually really like The Cybermen when they are actually trying to convert people, and being more than mindless robot zombies. I liked Sins of the Flesh a lot for that reason.

Yes I also love The Midnight Entity, for how weird it was, and The Flood were super creepy.

I’ve probably forgotten some.

I love how weird and wonderful all the villains in Doctor Who can be!


Have you checked out their audio appearances? Fallen Angels from the first Classic Doctors, New Monsters is excellent (and it has a pre-Master Sacha Dhawan).


Pandora and Ollistra from Gallifrey :star_struck: give me those evil women any day :slight_smile: and of course on that front, THE RANI!!!


The sound creature is an excellent antagonist, although every time I listen to Scherzo she ends up jumpscaring me


For a main show villain, probably The Trickster. I adore parallel universes, alternate realities,

More obscure, probably Syriath, The Queen of Death. She needs to make a return fr. I always imagine her as this Lovecraftian cosmic horror.


Great topic!

Some superb suggestions so far. I’d like to suggest Nobody No-one from “A Death in the Family” (and “Forty-Five: The Word Lord”).

From the classic era, probably less popular but I just love The Captain from “The Pirate Planet”. Behind all that bluster, he was a genius. Moreover, he wasn’t the true villain of the story. Also Cessair of Diplos, particularly in her Vivien Fay persona.


One day I’ll listen to A Death in the Family, but there is so much to listen to first


I love Nobody No-one, he’s such a great idea for a villain and he’s a joy in every scene he’s in.

He’s also the main reason I don’t think A Death in the Family is the be all and end all of audios like some people think because oh boy is he misused in that one.


It’s worth the wait. Worth looking forward to. When you get there, soak it in and enjoy. :slight_smile:


I wonder if you may not have too much longer to wait on that score? :thinking:


According to a random deleted reddit post who correctly predicted the finale…about a year.


I loved Wink, but haven’t listened to Fallen Angels yet. I’ll check it out when I can :grin:



Not familiar with the name.


I looked up the name on TARDIS wiki and apparently it’s from this James Goss penned Torchwood audio called The House of the Dead. Correct me if I’m wrong though, I haven’t listened to it.


I’ve listened to it and yep that sounds right

Very good story!