Comfort Stories

The Romans, Spearhead from Space, Robot, The Key to Tme series, The Trial of a Time Lord, Remembrance of the Daleks, TV Movie, Cushing Movies.

Missy series, Out of Time series


A bit yeah :wink: But it’s just filled with great moments all the way through:

  • Dan driving a space train
  • Dan finally gets to go on a date with Diane
  • Ace and Tegan - every single scene with those two is pure perfection
  • Graham comes back as a Volcano Inspector :grin:
  • Ra-Ra-Rasputin
  • (Vinder is back for reasons I guess?)
  • Jo Martin
  • Segun Akinola’s soundtrack
  • One of my favourite Doctor “sign off” lines “Tag, you’re it” (that’s how to pass the baton - 10th Doctor I’m looking at you :wink:)
  • Kate Stewart
  • The Second Doctor’s Recorder!
  • Ian!!!

It’s because of stuff like that I consider it a comfort :slightly_smiling_face:


I rewatched it recently and it was filed in my mental ratings as ‘okay but nothing spectacular’ - and I found myself really, really enjoying it.

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I was waiting for somebody to mention ‘Boom Town’. Such a tour de force for the cast, and Annette Badland in particular.


The TV movie is definitely my current one. I keep rewatching it, to the point where I can watch it in my head if I don’t have a way to watch it on the TV. The Snowmen, the Rings of Akhaten, and The Crimson Horror used to hold that title for me as a teen. Many episodes from the first four seasons were comforting for me as a kid, notably Fear Her.

In audio, I find myself listening to Torchwood: Coffee over and over.


God Coffee is so so good

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Also that reminds me, audio-wise, I haven’t listened to many multiple times, but the big one I have that i’ve definitely had as a comfort story is Torchwood: More Than This

That’s actually next up on my list of Torchwood audios to review. Looking forward to it now.


Look forward to reading your review!

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For me my comfort episodes are mostly in Series 5.

I don’t tend to dart around and watch episodes out of order (almost never), so I tend to watch a whole Series at once, and the Eleventh Doctor, from his introduction to The Big Bang is just so brilliant, and brings back wonderful memories of when I first watched it. Plus it’s not too heart wrenching (although “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” makes me cry for some reason).

I also love to rewatch Series 4, and I prefer the stories (love Donna), but it makes me very emotional (especially Turn Left and Journey’s End) so I wouldn’t call it a comfort!


Comfort Episodes? Hard pick, but I probably say Hand of Fear or Paradise Towers, I don’t know why, but there is just something comforting about those Stories. Carnival is a great pick tho! I probably would pick it too if I have seen it more than twice


‘Paradise Towers’ is such a gem of a story.

It’s pure camp, but that’s par for the course when it comes to Season 24; that’s the charm of those stories.

Been ages since I last watched it.


Invasion of Time. It’s just so fun. The Doctor and Borusa are great together.


Now I want a story actually called “God Coffee” :grin:


This is probably a really morbid comfort story but for me its Turn Left. Its one i do a pretty much quarterly rewatch of and its just one i find really easy to watch


The Five Doctors is an old reliable for comfort. It just has so much of everything classic.


A couple of others I pop on when I just want delight to wash over me:

The Five(ish) Doctors
Peter Davison must have pulled on every single contact in British TV production that he had to make this happen. Every time I watch it I go That’s my favourite bit!, and it is always a different part of it that I say that about.

Ok it’s not every Doctor that sounds exactly like their originals, but it’s a laugh a minute.

Hmm, I might draw a great deal of comfort from multi-Doctor stories :thinking:


I love multi-Doctor stories as well, I know some people don’t, but they are just so much fun and always funny.


One more and I’ll stop with the multi-Doctor Comfort stories for today :grin: Audio this time:

The Light at the End
Big Finish’s 50th Doctor Who Anniversary Spectacular.
Go listen to it if you haven’t already.
8 Doctors, and they are all given their due.
Charley, Ace, Peri, Nyssa & Leela!

It has become tradition for me to listen to it on Doctor Who Day :blush:

Why does Paul McGann just look like he would rather be anywhere but there ? :sunglasses:


I need to listen to this, it’s been on my list for ages, but I kinda want to get up to it at its proper point in time. It will be ages until I get to listen! :cry:

What do you think about Multi-Master stories? There are a few Big Finish ones. I’m currently on the Eighth Doctor audios and just finished listening to Day of the Master - Part 1, it’s brilliant!