Celebrity Historicals

Part of the issue is I think I originally thought that a “Celebrity Historical” should be an episode like Vincent and the Doctor or The Shakespear Code where the whole episode is about that person.

Now it’s tagged on things where the celebrity is just present - not really what I originally intended, but fun too.

I’m just making this up as I go along :joy:


Yeah, how much involvement is a question, since I was just thinking about Silver Nemesis, where Ace sees but doesn’t manage to meet Queen Victoria II…

(And yes, meant Timelash, but had Mindwarp in the back of my mind…)

I think that’s pushing it a bit. I think the Doctor or companion should at least interact with them, that’s got to be the minimum here.

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Whats funny now that I think about it, is that Water of Mars is playing off the tropes of a celebrity historical, though tossing them to fictional near future celebrities so it can have its cake and eat it too for the whole breaking a fixed point thing


Yeah. Timelash is a definite, though. HG was there all through it.


Would the Queen Vic Torchwood stories class as Celeb Historicals?

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I suppose they probably should…