Big Finish Season

Tell me, if you were a showrunner and it was decided that the season were to adapt Big Finish stories, what stories what you have? Would you change them to fit a story arc? Would you make one a regeneration? How long would your season be? Who would the companion be? Tell me everything!

And if you want you can even have a classic season and modern season or a mix of both, go crazy, I want to see Cuddlesome as a season finale!


Edit, misread the post, I’m a bit thick lmao

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Narvin IS going on my television


We’re going to do Scherzo, just blind the entire audience


The whole Hex Arc would be great for the small screen, but you’d probably have to change it to exclude Project: Twilight and Project: Lazarus because having two random stories set before the rest of the season with a different Doctor, companion and story arc just really wouldn’t work.


I’d also love to have Zagreus on screen, but it’s so lore heavy and reliant on prior who knowledge it’d probably whittle the fandom down to roughly the members of this forum


I would finally put Eight back on our screens. The Charley audios are already an arc spanning three season. Easy era. Yeah, Scherzo probably wouldn’t translate great to a visual medium, but I don’t care.


If all else fails, only ever show small parts of one thing for scenes, so if someone’s talking show only THEIR mouth, or if it’s a cutting scene just the flesh separating, have a white gradient around the screen constantly. It would give a very isolated and weird feeling.


Big Finish is vast and my experience is relatively limited, so I’d start with some highlights from the early days.

1. Storm Warning (would work for any kind of companion introduction, really)
2. Whispers of Terror
3. The Fearmonger
4. The Marian Conspiracy
5. The Mutant Phase
6. Colditz
7. The Holy Terror
8. The Sword of Orion
9. The Stones of Venice

And I’d get into some stuff that could be a refined a bit that had a lot of potential:

10. Invaders from Mars
11. Minuet in Hell
12. The Land of the Dead
13. Loups-Garoux

And, for a Christmas Special:
The Chimes of Midnight


The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-time
Year of the Pig
River of Death (not Big Finish, but a BBC Audio)
Plight of the Pimpernel
The Artist at the End of Time
DW and the Pirates

I wouldn’t put these all in one season, but they’re audios I’d like to see televised with their original cast.


Well Year of the Pig would definitely top that year’s most boring Doctor Who story poll…

Or I suppose they could actually make it interesting by cutting every single interminable scene of Toby listing all the food he wants to eat.

(Can’t stand the story, sorry).


That reminds me, I’d also televise Zagreus, but leave every non-Tepesh/Ouida and Uncle Winkie scene on the cutting room floor :stuck_out_tongue:.


I think with Big Finish a lot of it wouldn’t adapt to TV too well. For example my favourite range the companion chronicles has a lot of great stories that wouldn’t work as well on TV, think the Last Post, Ghost in the Machine, The Scorchies.

So to adapt Big Finish you’d also need to shake the premises up.

So, my idea would be Live 34. We could adapt the premise of a radio station into a TV station. Plus the story whilst generic ‘Doctor topples regime’ is one of my favourites of early Big Finish due to the quirky premise.


Dimensions in time you had to wear 3d glasses, scherzo the BBC sends everyone a free blindfold and says good luck