BBV Audio Dramas

I’ve uploaded the first batch of BBV Audio Dramas, thanks to @ineffyble for putting together the spreadsheet!

Potentially NSFW image in the following link, it’s Sophie Aldred in nothing but a towel :flushed:

Have you listened to these? What did you think?


I haven’t listened to them but besides My Own Private Wolfgang from 100, the BBV audios contain the only piece of Doctor Who media written by my favourite writer - Robert Shearman - that I haven’t experienced.

Makes me really interested in giving them a go but boy do those covers put me off.


Nice. I’ve just got The Dominie and Alice 5: The Other Side. Gives me an excuse to listen to it.


I’ve listened to Prosperity Island (with “Seven” and “Ace”) and also two audios based on The Stranger series. I liked the latter two well enough. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them, but I don’t remember them being less than decent.


I’ll say the biggest problem with BBV stuff is that it’s expensive to buy physically.


Sophie Toweldred.


I still need to add the actual collectables to the site.


Can someone explain to me exactly what they are? Because looking at covers and the synopsis i’m definitely left scratching my head


The Dominie and Alice (Professor and Ace in early releases), also called The Time Travellers, are a series of audio dramas, like Big Finish, but produced by BBV Productions.

Some of them are licensed from the creators of the characters, Sontarans, K-9 etc. Others are “Legally Distinct” versions of familiar characters. The Dominie and Alice series are, basically, Seven and Ace.

They all vary in quality.

Hope that helps.


Well, I think them hiring a paedo and behaving awfully towards employees is a somewhat bigger problem with them, quite apart from Baggs’s lack of talent :upside_down_face:

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I was asked about the releases. I don’t anything about what happens behind the scenes.

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I won’t attempt to defend the mentioned unfortunate situations (although the ‘employment’ one was much later in the day as I understand it after the TV show had returned and the company had disappeared into the wilderness for quite a while).

But I will defend some of the stories themselves (not all of which I think are in this upload).

The Professor and Ace stories are the 7th Doctor and Ace in all but name. The first three: Republica, Island of Lost Souls and Prosperity Island are solid ‘Doctor Who’ adventures. The two ‘Ace Specials’ are a bit less good but do contain some interesting ideas (which do fit, more or less, with Ace’s TV back story). Some of the latter Professor/Ace stories - especially the ones where they were renamed the Dominie and Alice - are less satisfying although there is Punchline which is by Robert Shearman and is a clever radio comedy drama.

The Zygon stories do some really good stuff with the Zygons especially Homeland and The Barnacled Baby.

The Sontaran stories really dive into the race with Old Soldiers being a highlight.

There are also some good Krynoid and Rutan stories. (There’s also a really awful Krynoid story).

A bunch of the stories are less connected to the Whoniverse but spin off from some of the Audio Visuals and also from the video releases (the Traveller and the Cyberon stories).

The audios released in more recent years are not really worth spending any time or money on but those audios which came out in the Wilderness Years do stand up and if you can maybe source them from somewhere other than BBV are worth exploring.


Sabbath and the King, which is a more recent one, is also worth a listen, although it very much helps to have listened to the Faction Paradox audios first. Eternal Escape is also a good one.


Oh and I forgot the two K9 audios which are quite fun and sort of fit with Warrior’s Gate.

On the plus side of this upload, I can use the brand new patron feature - the skip button - as I have no intention of getting any of the more recent releases like the odd Brigadier stories.


Probably one of the few who will be adding reviews of these to the site:


Yes, it helps a lot. Thank you very much :heart_hands:

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Even more BBV audio dramas added today, there are 57 in the set now:


Gives me a reason to listen to The Last Mission and Eye of the Storm again. I started with TLM and thought it was good; it’s basically a prequel to Breach of the Peace and gives a backstory on how he became called Preston, how he moved in with Rose, and how he joined the Estrangement Program. Told from the POV of the Stranger, which was a neat touch.


Whelp, my hope for getting back to BF has been dashed. Gotta go in some sort of chronological order.