Audio Club: The Marian Conspiracy

An excellent audio drama! I love this one. Evelyn is off to a great start, really interrsting companion. I’m glad she keeps the Doctor in check! I’m usually hit or miss with historicals, this one is a definite hit.


Well I can only echo the positive comments here. I love this story. A pure historical full of courtly intrigue, great characters & a fabulous first pairing of a more appealing Sixie with the wonderful Evelyn Smythe. I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing her character as being influenced somewhat by Professor Rumford from The Stones of Blood. The plot feels like something from the early days of the show. I could imagine the First Doctor embarking on this adventure. Lots of immersive atmospheric sound design in what is the start of a new era for Sixie on audio.


So, I’ve learned that the badges for at least the TV Club and Audio Club are now automated, which is fine as we don’t want to burn out @shauny. However, as I did contribute to the conversation, I want my badge. So, hopefully this post will grant it to me. And it never hurts to bump these to the top of the list.


Just finished it. I do love the Pure Historical stories. At first I wasn’t sold on Evelyn, but by the end of the story I had warmed up to her.

I give it a solid 4/5.

Here is my spoiler free review:


I dont know why but i thought this episode was boring…

The Doctor and Evelyn and their banter was just terrific!
The best thing about this episode.

Just didn’t like the political parts, when something begins to get too historical or too political my brain just turns off. This is mostly the fault of my adhd and limited schooling during my youth. I love new concepts and timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff but when it comes to political stuff and historical knowledge its a big no no from me.