Audio Club: The Holy Terror

You really don’t need to know anything about Benny to enjoy The Shadow of the Scourge. I’d say give it a go. :slight_smile:

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I plan to listen to the her solo series 1 anyway, so I’ll hit that MR after that, but thanks for heads up! I really wish this site had timescale’s prerequisites system :confused:

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It is something which is hopefully coming to the site in the future but ‘prerequisites’ is a tricky area as different people have different opinions on what is definitely necessary.

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Is there any specific thread for it? I have a spreadsheet that I started way before this site existed for the exact same purpose - tracking and ranking DW stories.
The way to handle this that made the most sense to me is “hard” and “soft” prerequsits. Hard for stuff without which the story would make no sense, direct links and callbacks. Soft for things that would enhance your experience, but are not necessary, like character introductions

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I’m sure @shauny would be happy for some help in this area - he loves a spreadsheet. But he is spinning a banquet hall’s worth of plates at the moment so it might not be something which comes to the site any time soon.

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This is Robert Shearman’s BF debut and the first of his several superb stories. The Holy Terror is a masterpiece: engaging, emotionally riveting, mysterious, tense, funny, and scary. The softer Six is in top form here, and I love Frobisher. The guest cast is altogether superb, and every character feels well-developed.

I love how Shearman slowly turns the story from a simple religious and political intrigue into something much more sinister and horrifying. The killer child in the second half is probably the scariest “monster” ever in a BF audio, and Childeriic is a pure maniac. And the eventual revelation of the truth always hits hard.

Yes, I love this story. It’s a perfect 100/100 for me!


I love this audio so much, Shearman is such a fantastic writer and this is one of the few early main range stories I own on CD i love it that much

Equal parts wacky and terrifying, Shearman is a master of the balancing act

All hail the big talking bird