Audio Club: The Genocide Machine

Am I the only one here who kind of likes Elgin and doesn’t mind the Prink running gag?

I actually thought the Prink running gag was hilarious. It’s even more funny when watching the animation because you can see he is trying to speak each time.

It was the best thing in the whole audio for me :joy:

I just listened to Ravenous: How to Make a Killing in Time Travel and there was a character who would say things like “it’s top secret so I won’t tell you, but here it is…” and then explain it all. He did it several times. I also found that character quirk hilarious.

I just love when characters are given a weird little quirk so they are more than just exposition cogs in the story.

I’ve come around on it. It is kind of funny, I just wish they kept it going all the way through and not have him speak in the final part

In the middle of Part 3, the Doctor has just been connected to the wetworks, and it’s not a bad story. It’s just terribly average. It’s a decent enough listen in the moment, but doesn’t stick with you afterwards. I do agree that Aldred does well as “duplicate Ace”, but doesn’t have much to do as real Ace. I’m still not really warming to Bev either. I know she’s in one more Main Range story (I don’t remember which one) and pops up in the Benny range somewhere. Does she get any more likable/memorable?

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Working my way through Part 4. As stated, McCoy’s speech against Elgin is excellent. Also, it just occured to me that maybe there’s a slight possibility that the native Kar-Charatans are related to the Flood from Waters of Mars as they’re both aquatic lifeforms that are actually made of liquid.

Late to the club but here we are! Couldn’t remember a thing about this one from the title or cover as I haven’t listened in ages, but the second I started it I remembered it, and exactly when I listened to it for the first time. Mainly I remembered getting Bev and Ace confused as I find their voices to be slightly too similar haha

I think I pretty much agree with what I thought the first time, that it’s basically fine as far as dalek stories go. I don’t think I have any real strong opinion other than ‘it’s okay’, but I did appreciate listening after knowing who Bev actually is from the Benny audios


I agree that Bev and Ace sound similar.

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Finally finished this. It’s not a bad story, it’s just painfully average. There are some interesting ideas, but compared to what comes next, it’s just kind of there. As a traditional Dalek story, it works. It’s just that I’m not that big a fan of “traditional” Dalek stories. I’d much rather the author find interesting and clever things to do with them.


Late but here, yeah, I liked this audio, but I don’t know, must be only me, but it was very cliche, even for classic who standards


AKA Debut of the Daleks. I’m not a fan of long scenes of Daleks talking to each other, just hurts my ears, plus there seems to be so much exposition, just characters explaining things to each other in rather rudimentary dialogue. McCoy is annoying, Aldred isn’t very good at all. So this one isn’t for me.


No opinions after listening. I just feel bad for the Prink guy. Poor fellow finally gets to say something then immediately dies.

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I really like this one! Probably my second favorite of the first 10 releases after Whispers of Terror


This serial was Good, but not Great. It was interesting getting to hear Nicolas Briggs in his first ‘official’ outing as the Daleks. I did like that he still uses the voice for the Emperor to this day. Gave me flashbacks to Eleven regenerating on Trensalore. I gave it a 3.5/5.

Fun Fact: Another first behind the scenes was the first use of Pro Tools to edit a Big Finish story, namely by Nick Briggs, who provided the post-production and music/sound design for The Genocide Machine. The small 8-track device he previously used to edit Big Finish broke down mid-production, and he was forced to upgrade.